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Compact, powerful and built entirely in stainless steel, Blusoda is the smallest of the Blupura chillers: perfect for home and office and of course maintaining the professional performance expected from all our watercoolers.

The first water-fountain water-cooler on the market with the sparkling water option (FIZZ model)! Available on request, with natural refrigerant gas.

The BCC Vision water-cooler is the perfect solution for large companies, stations, airports, waiting rooms and public areas... Discover how a Point of Use water-cooler can change your way of doing business and offer the service at no cost!

The innvovative wall-housed water cooler able to supply both still and sparkling water, which can be connected to any type of cooler. Revolutionary design that is incredibly versatile and that can be fitted practically anywhere.

The Wave water-coolers, state of the art in its compact dimension: great design, energy saving, sparkling water and volumetric portioning...

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