Reverse osmosis Floor Standing Hospitality Vending
Reverse osmosis

Available for Fontemagna Steel 150, Fontemagna Glass 150 and Fontemagna IT 150

  • Osmosis is a water treatment system based on hte principle of reverse osmosis to get rid of nitrates an othe substances dissolved in the water. Water treated in this way has a very low TDS. It is a direct osmosis system vessel free with only one membrane.
  • n.1 Prefilter Carbon Block 10” - 5 micron
  • Inlet water temperature: Max 30°C
  • TDS inlet water: Max 2000mg/l
  • Permeate Flow: 140lt/h
  • Inlet water pressure: Min 2,5 bar
  • Salt Rejection: 90-95%
  • Direct production (without tank)

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