Fontemagna Steel Floor Standing Hospitality
Fontemagna Steel

The top of the range water-cooler for high volume supply of cold still and sparkling water

  • GAS R290
  • Portion control
  • Touch screen
  • UV out
  • Energy Saving
  • fizz
  • 80lt/h
  • 150lt/h
  • Well insulated ice-bank for high volume supply of cold, still and sparkling water:
  • 150lt per hour (80lt running water) or 80 lt/h ( 45 lt/h ) for fi lling bottles, carafes, etc
  • Double cooling-coil, one for cold water the other for sparkling water
  • 3 supply options (FONTEMAGNA FIZZ): cold water + room-temperature water + cold sparkling water
  • Professional carbonator in stainless steel
  • Glass touch screen commands, for ease of use and hygiene
  • Self-diagnostic alarm in case of insuffi ciency or lack of mains water or empty CO2 cylinder
  • Both the body and internal parts of the cooler are in Stainless steel, with plastic parts kept to the absolute minimum. Thanks to the quality of the material used, e.g. steel, aluminium and glass, the entire machine is easily recyclable


A UV light at end of every tap

UV light acts as a strong steriliser therefore preventing the growth of bacteria

Touch screen

At a glance professionalism: PORTION CONTROL, ENERGY SAVING and TOUCH SCREEN... ...and unsurpassable hygiene!

Thanks to the "touch screen" fast and easy commands, hygiene in the dispensing zone and service panel is guaranteed


The machine can be fitted with reverseosmosis filtration (only for Fontemagna Steel 150lt/h)
  • Activated carbon filtration - inlet UV
  • UV OUT
  • products
  • weight (kg/lb)
  • dimensions (mm/in)
  • dispensing areaheight(mm/in)
  • Fontemagna Steel 80
  • 40/88
  • 520x510xH1450/ 20.5x19.9xH57.1
  • 305/12
  • Fontemagna Steel 150
  • 45/99
  • 520x510xH1450/ 20.5x19.9xH57.1
  • 305/12


• Fontemagna Steel Technical Specifications • Fontemagna Steel with CO2 10kg cylinder Technical Specifications • Fontemagna Steel OSMO Technical Specifications

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