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Blupura was founded in 2008 with the very clear goal of having a positive impact on the world of water refrigeration and water carbonisation..
Over the 9 years since conception Luca Costantini and Gianni Grottini, the two founding partners, have developed a remarkable company, a unique brand and groundbreaking products, which are now recognized worldwide.
This has all been achieved thanks to their ingenious insight into the market, the high quality of the products, the capabilities of their team, but above all by the customers who believed in the Blupura vision and have therefore made all of this possible.
However, it doesn’t stop here! There are still considerable opportunities within this market, and this leads us to the announcement of the decision for BLUPURA to join the CULLIGAN group. This strategic move will mean that we will continue to meet your needs whilst being able to be even more innovative than we have been to date.

On May 17, 2017, Blupura was acquired by Culligan, the world's leading provider of residential, office, commercial and industrial water treatment.
This will not change what we are and what we have done to this day.
In fact Blupura will remain autonomous! Luca and Gianni have the full management of the company and will continue to carry out the numerous projects they have for the future of Blupura. They, together with their passionate and enthusiastic team that you have come to know, fully intend to go on growing and revolutionizing the world of drinking water.

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