Autumn 2021: air of fairs … and news!

With the arrival of the autumn and the new season, some of the must-see trade fairs are back: HOST and AQUATECH respectively in Milan and Amsterdam. HOST is the fair dedicated to the world of hospitality and to all restaurant owners and operators of the sector. AQUATECH is the most important exhibition in the world of treated and potable water attended by industry professionals from all over the world. After a long time, we have now the opportunity to meet again in person and we look forward to participating at these two fairs with exciting news of product developments, in particular we will have the on display the innovative new Blu2go Hydration station and Unico, our new smart tap. We have already shown you Blu2go, the water vending machine that dispenses 4 types of water into a cup or a water bottle also allowing the purchase of a new one or simply just cleansing it! To this technology we add the possibility to download an app to activate Blu2go functions with a simple click directly from your smartphone. The app is available for IOS and Android, another new feature is the payment system, you can use a special prepaid card to pay or do it through the contactless system payter. We will also show you the Duo fizz, the tap meant to the domestic market. Lastly, we will show you Unico, the brand-new smart tap by Blupura, designed and installed for the first time in December'20 at San Francisco airport, now available in a version for the public. It is a smart tap that thanks to its sensors and artificial intelligence, can detect user presence and any type of container required to be filled. Unico can be installed in all public places such as railway stations, shopping malls, etc. Convinced? We are waiting for you! At HOST we will be in Hall 13 stand L23 M22 and at AQUATECH in Hall 01 stand 484.

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