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A solid, simple and space-saving design, smooth curves, professional features and high performance. To imagine a more “rock” solid solution for both domestic and office spaces is almost impossible.

BLUGLASS is the ultimate expression of design 100% made in Italy and developed by Blupura. This product line encompasses three market sectors together - Domestic, Office and Hospitality and will satisfy all customers demanding top quality, performances and style.

The innovative faucet with touch-screen selection.

Contemporary design, amazing compactness, illuminated supply area, limitless convenience. Here is "Piccola", Blupura big solution for homes and office spaces.

Compact, powerful and built entirely in stainless steel, the perfect choice for home and office and of course maintaining the professional performance expected from all our watercoolers.

The Wave water-coolers, state of the art in its compact dimension: great design, energy saving, sparkling water and volumetric portioning...

The ideal undercounter solution for supplying larger quantities of water than the entire Fontemagna range - a staggering 280lt/h (74GAL/h)! As always with zero impact on the environment due to the use of the ecologic gas R290.

Our stylish range of high design and performance taps are designed to fit any setting and water-cooler, whether BLUPURA or not.

TEL. +39 071 9710080
FAX. +39 071 9710084 INFO@BLUPURA.COM
Via Gandolfi, 6
40057 Cadriano di Granarolo dell'Emilia (BO)
Via Atlantico Volponi, 11
Zona Industriale Squartabue
62019 Recanati (MC)
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