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3 ways to make your restaurant more sustainable

Why installing a Blupura water dispenser makes difference


With the arrival of warm weather, many venues and/or restaurants are updating their menus by  adding summertime flavors and aromas. But menu offerings are not the only topic that’s being discussed on the table. Some questions also arise  among colleagues on how to reduce fixed operating costs, thus making the most of available resources and avoiding any possible waste. How’s all of this feasible ? In this article, we’ll discuss three benefits related to the installation of a Blupura water dispenser.

  1. Reduce plastic consumption 

Designed and manufactured in Italy, all our water coolers are linked to the water supply  network while using an innovative filtration system that instantly purifies water. This  system offers significant advantages: cost savings , safe-to-drink palatable water and no plastic containers. In fact, using a water dispenser leads to an overall saving of 80% compared to the purchase of bottled water, not to mention the reduction of costs associated with the production, transportation and final disposal of plastic bottles as well as  the reduction of environmental impact.

  1. Choose energy-efficient devices

Large refrigerators are bulky and consume a lot of energy. Blupura products boast a modern and compact design that fits and enhances any environment. They’re also energy-efficient.

  1. Minimize waste 

In addition to food waste, it’s especially important to monitor water consumption. Do you know that, along with the water type, the dispensed water amount can be customized according to the container (for example 0.25L, 0.5L, 0.75L)? With Blupura, you can satisfy both your own needs for faster service and less water waste along with your customer’s ones by offering a wider choice.  By installing a water dispenser now,  your restaurant can  start to earn a profit  as early as the end of the season, while enjoying the  benefits of a „green“ business card —  essential for attracting new customers who pay attention to these issues today. Visit our website to discover all the Blupura products designed for your business. You’ll also find Blujuice, our brand new, elegant dispenser that, besides  water, also dispenses fruit juice and soft drinks!

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