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Blupura revolutionizes the world of water again

We welcome Blutron, the first Blupura filter cartridges, and Rebel, the innovative dispenser!


The recent conclusion of the Host Milano trade fair brought great news in the world of hydration. We at Blupura launched two surprising products: Blutron and Rebel. Today we’ll tell you more about these new entries!

Blutron: the future of Blupura-branded water filtration

The name „Blutron“ not only has a catchy sound, but also evokes the power and effectiveness that characterize this new product range. Blutron is Blupura’s answer for those seeking superior drinking water without compromising on safety and it’s environmentally responsible. These filter cartridges offer as many as five different types of filtration to meet every need, in detail:

  • SHIELD: with bacteriostatic action, it features a 0.5-micron Carbon Block cartridge;
  • ULTRA: designed for schools and hospitals, this cartridge offers 0.1-micron ultrafiltration that prevents 99.99999% of bacteria from passing through;
  • IONIC: prevents scale formation and pH reduction, proving ideal for hot water treatment;
  • MICRO: among the most popular on the market, it has bacteriostatic action and a 0.5-micron Carbon Block cartridge;
  • BLOCK: with clarifying action, it is specific for installations where the mains water has a lot of residues or it is upstream of reverse osmosis filtration.

All Blutron filters are 100% Made in Italy and undergo strict organoleptic, microscopic and performance testing, using the finest plant-based acivated carbon. And the installation? It’s a breeze, whether inside the cooler or outside. The simplicity and speed of installation and replacement make Blutron the ideal choice for those who do not want to compromise on drinking water safety and sustainability.

Rebel: the nonconformist countertop

The news does not end there. Alongside Blutron is Rebel, an innovative countertop that defies convention. With its contemporary design and „unconventional“ appearance, the Rebel dispenser fits perfectly in offices, bars, restaurants, and wherever a unique alternative is desired.  But beware, Rebel is not only eye-catching design; it is also, and more importantly, amazing functionality. In addition to delivering large quantities of cold water, both still and sparkling, Rebel excels at dispensing hot water. Did you know that in the SUPER HOT version, water is dispensed at an ideal temperature of 98°C? Perfect for brewing tea or herbal tea. But there’s more: some of the Blutron filters are compatible with Rebel. This means you can customize Rebel with Blutron Micro 7K or Blutron Shield 7K for cold water, Blutron Ionic 0.4K for SUPER HOT water, or a CO2 cylinder in the Fizz version. Being rebellious means defying convention, and Blupura does it perfectly with Rebel.

Blupura’s new website: an optimized platform

How could we make your experience even better? Blupura has finally launched its completely revamped and optimized new website, ready to revolutionize your interaction with us. The new website features a sleek and modern design that reflects Blupura’s innovation and vision. We have introduced a multilingual interface to ensure access to a global audience, so that everyone can explore our resources and understand our offerings in their native language. In addition, we have created a rich and functional private area dedicated to Blupura customers who will find here a comprehensive hub designed to simplify the website experience. With this innovation, Blupura is committed to providing you with an intuitive browsing experience, full of cutting-edge features that will make your relationship with us even more satisfying and productive.

With Blutron and Rebel, Blupura is redefining the way we approach the world of hydration, providing everything we need to have sustainable and safe water at all times: from custom-made Made-in-Italy filters to versatile and modern dispensers.

Start your journey to superior quality water today with Blupura!

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