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Blutron: the first filter line by Blupura

A filter for every need, always ensuring high-quality drinking water.


Blutron: The First Filter Line by Blupura 

 Blupura is excited to announce the launch of its first filter line called „Blutron.“ This new product line is the result of Blupura’s philosophy that aims for the highest quality of drinking water, thanks to uncompromising choices in materials and components. The name „Blutron“ is not just onomatopoeic, but also evokes the power and effectiveness that characterize this new range of products. 

Product Features 

Blutron offers five types of filtration to meet every specific need: 

SHIELD: Bacteriostatic filtration system with a 0.5-micron Carbon Block filter enriched with silver ions. Reduces chlorine, taste, and odor. 

ULTRA: Ideal for critical installations like schools and hospitals, with ultrafiltration of 0.1 micron and silver ions for bacteriostatic action, blocking 99.99999% of bacteria. 

IONIC: Reduces water hardness and prevents limescale build-up, ideal for hot water treatment. 

MICRO: Bacteriostatic filtration system among the most sought-after on the market, with a 0.5-micron Carbon Block filter. 

BLOCK: A pre-filter specific for installations where the network water has many residues or upstream of a reverse osmosis filtration, with clarifying action. 

Quality and safety 

All Blutron filters are 100% Made in Italy and undergo rigorous organoleptic, microscopic, and performance controls. Every single component is traceable and subjected to specific structured tests. Blutron is also produced using the best vegetable-activated carbons, obtained exclusively from reputable sources.

Easy installation 

Blutron filters can be housed directly inside the water dispenser or externally, making assembly and replacement operations simple and quick. 

 Blutron by Blupura is therefore the answer for all those looking for superior quality drinking water, with the utmost attention to safety and the environment. For more information, do not hesitate to write to us at  

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