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Rebel: the water dispenser ready to revolutionize the market.

A name that is not just a brand, but a manifesto: Rebel is the dispenser that embodies the rebellious spirit of those who want to break the rules and make a mark on the market with extraordinary performance. 

Rebel news

With a dispensing capacity of 30 liters per hour, this product is designed to meet the most diverse and specific needs. But that is not all: Rebel also offers the ability to dispense extremely hot and cold water, making it the ideal companion for every setting, from restaurants to offices. All of this is possible thanks to advanced technologies integrated into the product. Cooling is handled by a next-generation ice bank, specifically designed for this product, while the super-hot boiler ensures hot water temperatures of up to 98°C.  The contemporary design and the „nonconformist“ look of Rebel make it irresistible. Inside, there is ample space to accommodate a filter cartridge and a CO2 cylinder, offering a balance between power, functionality, performance, and size. 

Quality and safety 

Like all blupura products, Rebel is 100% Made in Italy and subjected to rigorous quality controls. Its minimal appearance hides professional and uncompromising technological choices, such as a powerful state-of-the-art ice bank cooling system. 

Ease of use 

Simplicity is in Rebel’s DNA. With just four backlit buttons, the user can choose up to four types of water, making the user experience intuitive and immediate. 

Revolutionary rationality 

Rebel challenges conventions. Inside, it houses the new Blutron Micro 7K cartridge for cold water and Blutron Ionic 0.4K for hot water in the SUPER HOT version, while in the Fizz version, the Blutron Micro 7K cartridge is accompanied by a CO2 cylinder. The dispensing area is over 30 cm high, allowing for the placement of bottles and flasks. 

For small venues that often face the challenge of limited space but don’t want to compromise on the quality of water served to their customers, Rebel offers a compact and high-performing solution. The dispenser can be provided with a dedicated design cabinet, which not only seamlessly integrates into the venue’s environment but also optimizes the use of space. With its easy installation and versatility, restaurateurs can say goodbye to the use of bottled water and welcome a new era of sustainability and quality by switching to water filtered directly from the mains supply. 


For more information on the new Rebel water dispenser, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address info@blupura.Com. 

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