Granted that the supply of good wholesome drinking water is guaranteed by all our water cooler systems, We have designed two specific models for this type of market: Wall and Wave 60 HC. Wallis the innovative wall-housed water cooler, made entirely of stainless steel and aluminium, which is practical and hygienically safe. The UV light at the end o f the tap acts as a strong steriliser, preventing the growth of bacteria. Furthermore, the new Wall Built-in, which is completely housed within a wall, is perfectly suited for hospitals and hospices, because it removes the problem of ‘corridor obstacles’ and facilitates the clearing of the area in which the system has been installed. WAVE 60 HC– tabletop is an alternative to Wall, for locations where there is no storage space for an under-counter machine. The ultra-filtration system implements both an inlet UV lamp together with a UV out and assures total sterilisation. Thanks to the installation of a special carbonator it is able to sanitise the cooler much more effectively. Every country has its own legislation regulating this specific sector - but let’s assume that the water cooler is a CE certified cooler and has been manufactured with materials suitable for water contact use. In this case there are three main rules that should be followed: 1.       The careful selection of the water cooler location. The most suitable areas are ones that only authorised personnel can access. 2.       Frequent maintenance of the water cooler. Disinfection of the faucets should be undertaken weekly, sanitisation should be carried out at least every three months and filter changes should be at least every six months. 3.       Authorised personnel training for the appropriate maintenance of the water cooler. Initially hospital management were a little sceptical at the suggestion of installing water coolers to replace the traditional methods of providing drinking water to hospital patients and staff. We resolved this situation by installing one of our mains-fed coolers in an institution for a trial period, to give them firsthand experience of the benefits of unlimited, clean, safe drinking water. As the last Zenith International statistics show, mains-fed is growing in all market areas - including healthcare. Ours coolers have the specific technical, hygiene and performance characteristics needed for this type of installation, so our future in this industry is looking very healthy indeed.

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