Having a domestic water cooler at home allows people to easily get high quality filtered water without harming the environment.
Nowadays that kitchens are quite small and space-saving is a priority for many people, what really matters to consumers is the dimension of the water cooler.
After working hard on designs and technologies to make our domestic cooler even more appealing, compact and suitable for every type of kitchen, on January 2019 Blupura finally launched "Piccola", the latest offering solution aimed at homes and office spaces, but it has been designed especially for the domestic sector for satisfying the needs of consumers in terms of space-saving.
Small size, therefore, but high in performance with a contemporary design 100% made in Italy, and illuminated supply area.
It can dispense four types of water, depending on the version: still cold water, room temperature, slightly sparkling and sparkling water.
Moreover, the HOT model dispenses hot water at 95°C, perfect for making teas and infusion and it is equipped with an Energy Saving function to reduce energy consumption.
“Piccola” is available on a countertop or as undercounter which is an intelligent space-saving solution with only the supply point in view and now, thanks to the new cabinet which matches perfectly with our product, it can easily become a free-standing solution to fit in any surrounding.
Remind… thanks to the natural gas R600, “Piccola” is an ecologic choice with zero impact on global warming whilst still obtaining an energy saving of around 15% and higher overall performance of the refrigerator.
But it is not just about this, with “Piccola” you could significantly contribute to reduce the number of plastic bottles entering the environment as well as help eliminating the economic impact (production, transportation, and disposal) of them.
Now that the production has officially started, “Piccola” is waiting for you. Make the right decision choosing our water cooler!
Don’t miss our latest video and enjoy the new case of Sherlock Holmes on the trail of “Piccola”!

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