The future of vending has arrived

Blu2Go is the latest new product to be released by Blupura, this time for the vending world.
It is an exclusive water vending machine that not only dispenses 4 types of water, into the cup or water bottle but offers to the user the opportunity of purchasing a new water bottle and even cleansing it before use!
Blu2Go comes from the continuing desire for Blupura to innovate and offer to the market a completely new product that in addition to outstanding design and quality materials, offers many advantages to both the environment and customer.
Thanks to an internal dispense storage facility, Blu2Go can sell up to 40 stainless steel thermal water bottles of the highest quality and performance, as well as 100% recyclable, resistant and reusable paper cups that are environmentally friendly. Blu2Go ensures a quality fresh and safe water dispensed by a perfectly hygienic system, closed with no stagnation, all because of the numerous filtration options available (UV in lamp, compound filtration and UV out ULTRA).
Each detail is studied and developed to make Blu2Go as user friendly as possible; the multilingual interface display provides an easy access for every user, including disability access (DDA), in conformity with ADA laws. Blu2Go never ceases to surprise! Another feature of this innovative water vending machine is the option to cleanse your own water bottle through an ecological process divided into 3 phases, after which all micro logical bacteria will be removed; this is a very exclusive service on the market! It should be noted that by choosing a Blupura product using the most Eco-Friendly Natural gases available and connected to a potable mains water supply any harmful gas emission is completely avoided and there are subsequently no problems with bottled water storage, therefore avoiding production, transport, and disposal of plastic bottles. Consider that in Italy in one year, there are produced enough plastic to wrap 35 times around the earth above the equator. You should know that to produce a single bottle it releases approximately 100grm of CO2 into the atmosphere; considering an annual production of 4720 1.5litre bottles, that would result in 472.000 tons of CO2 ending up in the environment. Every year in the UK there are used 7.7 billion plastic bottles. If each person reused the same bottle once a week, we would save 340 million plastic bottles every year. That is why Blupura started from the very beginning with Eco-Friendly Green credentials and will follow this philosophy for life, certain that environmental respect and energy saving are the only way to protect resources, people and the planet. That is why we choose to produce only water coolers connected to a potable mains water supply, using natural gases without fluoride and with zero global warming impact, always selecting recyclable materials to create them. If you are wondering which setting is ideal for Blu2Go, then you can install it in all those places where drinking fresh, filtered, and safe water should not be an option but a certainty; schools, shopping centres, gyms, university campus, public spaces, offices, amusement parks, stations, airports, … the list is endless!!

Think different, think green, think Blu. It’s time 2 Go!

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