Blupura Srl guarantees that, prior to their shipment, its refrigeration and carbonation units are subject to rigorous checks that ensure the units comply with the highest standards of quality and are free from defects in terms of their materials and construction. Blupura Srl undertakes to repair, free of charge, the units at its plant and/or to replace any components that demonstrate manufacturing defects for a period of 24 (twenty-four) months from the date on which the relevant invoice is issued to the retailer; the retailer provides the legal warranty to the consumer. Blupura Srl shall not reimburse the costs of work incurred by the purchaser for repairs to the units. Blupura Srl must be informed of the presence of defects within 8 (eight) days of their detection; beyond this time limit, the warranty conditions shall not be applicable.

The warranty does not cover those parts subject to wear-and-tear under normal conditions of use or damaged as a result of neglect. The warranty is not applicable to any units that have been subject to tampering or deterioration for reasons not attributable to Blupura Srl; nor does it cover any units that are used for applications that are incompatible with or contrary to the usage limits prescribed by the regulations and/or shown on our technical documentation. Since the installation, associated operations, electrical connections and commissioning of the units are
carried out by the installer, the warranty provided by Blupura Srl concerns only the individual units sold and not the complete installation or system. Any modification made to the original product as sold by Blupura Srl or any installation not envisaged in the enclosed manual shall automatically result in the withdrawal of any approval marks, the certifications and the warranty itself provided by Blupura Srl, which, consequently, shall accept no liability in relation to any products that have been subject to modifications or installations not envisaged by the manual.
Blupura Srl accepts no liability for any damages that may, directly or indirectly, be caused to third parties as a result of failure to comply with the instructions provided in the appropriate user manual and relating in particular to the installation, use and maintenance of the product.

This warranty absorbs and replaces all other warranties and liabilities, both contractual and noncontractual, pursuant to the applicable laws in relation to the products supplied, with the express exclusion of any liability on the part of Blupura Srl in relation to indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may arise from faults or from the defective and/or non-compliant nature of the product supplied.

RETURNS AND REPAIRS – In order to use the returns and repair service, please contact Customer Service and request a return merchandise authorisation (RMA), which must be enclosed with the shipment. The Customer Service team will supply authorisation for the return of the goods. If you are not a direct customer, the product return must be carried out via the retailer.

The retailer is liable for the cost of shipping the goods back to Blupura Srl. For repairs carried out under warranty only, Blupura Srl shall be liable for the cost of the return shipment on completion of the repairs. For repairs not carried out within the warranty period, the standard payment terms shall apply as defined in the contractual conditions of sale upon issuing of the invoice. Units returned for repair outwith the warranty period shall be covered by a 12 (twelve) month warranty, applicable only to the replaced and/or repaired components, starting from the date of repair. The repair of units under warranty does not connote in any case the extension of the warranty beyond the 24 (twenty-four) month limit.

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