What are the main challenges when working in te HoReCa sector? Are the requirements and customer demands changing in this enviroment? Today we'll try to answer some of this questions about the HoReCa market for water coolers companies. This market, led for so long by branded bottled water, is not that easy to acces. It took a while for operators within the HoReCa industry to grasp the idea that both time and money could be saved with the installation of a water cooler in their restaurant. They also had worries concerning reliability and, of course, customer service efficiency. However all that changed once they had experienced using a water cooler for a trial period and "sampled" the real economic and logistic savings this incurred (no orders/transport/storage etc) plus the time saved in table-service with the volumetric portion control. Another, and perhaps the most important, observation comes from the ever more common request for ecologically sound products, that is our forte! More and more customers are looking to offer their clients the choice between a bootle of branded water or fresh and sparkling water at zero km. All started to change when customers started recycling at home and the enormous quantities of plastic they used became all too apparent. Then of course add to that the promotion of the generally excellent quality of mains water available and the philosophy of zero km, these have definitely dictated a radical change. Consumers want all of this but they also want to be able to order chilled , or room-temperature or sparkling water too. Being ecologically conscientus is today's reality and will become a directive in the not too distant future. Installing a Blupura water cooler not only contributes to the reduction of pollution (and CO2 emission) through the nontrasportation of bottled water and the use of natural gases in the cooling systems, it also removes the need for enormous fridges to store bottled water.

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