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Blupura achieves the prestigious Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status

Even more benefits for our clients and suppliers


Since July 2023, Blupura  proudly holds the official and prestigious Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status, released by Customs Authorities. This certification is a significant achievement which confirms our position as a trustworthy international logistic partner. What does it mean exactly to be an AEO and what are the benefits for us, our clients and suppliers?

The AEO is a certification exclusively granted to economic operators  demonstrating excellence in international exchanges, operating with professionalism, reliability and safety in every aspect, from the economic-financial branch to excellence in safety measures for transported goods and the production site.

Briefly, it is an official statement of our compliance with customs and international safety and security standards. What are the tangible benefits this AEO status generates for Blupura and our business partners? Here they are:

Simplified customs procedures

Simplified customs procedures is one of the main benefits guaranteed by the AEO certification, which results in faster and more efficient shippings, with less delays due to customs controls and documentation.

Customs priority

Thanks to the AEO status, Blupura benefits from customs priority, expediting our shipments through a fast track. This leads to shorter transit time and smoother import/export operations.

Safety and integrity

The AEO represents a commitment to safety and integrity in goods handling operations, ensuring better-protected goods, and reducing the risk of losses, damages or theft during transportation.

Low cost

Thanks to AEO certification, procedures simplification and overall efficiency allow us to maintain moderate prices which translates into economic advantages for our clients and suppliers. 

In summary, being recognised as an Authorized Economic Operator not only confirms us as a trustworthy logistic partner but also allows us to offer better, faster and more convenient services. This status is particularly relevant for operators outside the European Union seeking business relationships with a reliable partner.

Blupura is consistently dedicated to improving the quality of our services and  ensuring maximum safety and reliability in import/export operations. Achieving the AEO certificate is tangible proof of this commitment  and we will keep working hard to meet the demands of our clients and commercial partners worldwide.

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