Our history
Federico Tomarelli Sales Area Manager for North America, Pamela PascuaSales for North America
In 2014, to better serve our clients across the Americas, Blupura established its subsidiary, Blupura USA Inc. Located in Miami, the new sales office and warehouse has become a strategic central hub for our American clientele.
Along with this expansion, a dedicated team in sales and customer service was set up, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for our customers, reflecting Blupura's steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction.
Our services
The establishment of Blupura USA signifies a strategic move to serve the entirety of the Americas with a markedly reduced lead time, made possible by our well-stocked distribution hub in Miami.
This strategic positioning not only streamlines our supply chain across the Americas but also underscores our unwavering commitment to ensuring a prompt and reliable service.
Our offering
The diverse range of Blupura’s water coolers and water dispensers, all made-in Italy and each crafted with meticulous Italian design to meet high-quality standards, is stocked in our warehouse with a ready-to-order inventory of nearly 1,000 products.
The available stock also meets the varying needs of all industries we serve: domestic, office, ho.re.ca., vending, and public areas.
Our quality
Our dedicated team in the Italian production facility, ensuring every detail is accounted for in the production of high-quality water cooling systems.
All our products proudly carry UL certification, fulfilling the stringent requirements of the North American market. We harmonize Italian craftsmanship with this essential US compliance, ensuring each product meets and often surpasses local safety and quality standards.
Our commitment extends beyond borders as our products also align with rigorous European certification standards, showcasing our dedication to international industry benchmarks. This dual-certification approach reinforces the reliability of Blupura products and underscores our promise to deliver unparalleled excellence across every market we serve.
U.S. Distribution hub
1200 Brickell Ave, Suite 1950 Miami - FL 33172