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The new benchmark in the water chiller market with single or multiple "point of use" connections

BluLink is synonymous with exceptional performance, elegant and minimal design in steel and anodised aluminium, compactness, safety, hygiene, silence and zero impact on global warming. In addition to these remarkable features, imagine an innovative and refined system, which can be custom designed for each installation, with a centralised unit strategically positioned at a distance and numerous dispensing points distributed across various floors. BluLink is capable of supplying unlimited quantities of cold water, both still and carbonated, adapting perfectly to your specific needs. This customised system ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness, enhancing the environment with its design.

BluLink technical room

It is the heart of BluLink, where the water is filtered, refrigerated and carbonated with a highly professional system and redistributed throughout the system. Efficiency is guaranteed by the Box 280 Fizz, the ultimate in terms of volume of the Blupura range. The automatic CO2 exchanger, the recirculation system and the in-line and outlet bactericidal UVC lamps contribute to greater efficiency. The anti-flooding system guarantees safety while the control panel facilitates its use and maintenance.