Do you know anything more precious than water? We do, it is the environment we call our home.

Pioneers of change
Blupura entered the market with the mantra "Less plastic is cool". Those were times when sustainability was not a priority for water cooler manufacturers, but for us it was paramount.
From the very beginning, we chose to be true pioneers in the sector, adopting only natural refrigerant gases. We have chosen to offer only machines connected directly to the water supply, a tangible sign of our commitment to the environment within our products, thus demonstrating our environmental sustainability and our commitment to limiting the use of plastic.
We are convinced that saving is essential, both for economic development and for the environment.
This decision has granted us for years the privilege and pride of being the only water cooler manufacturer mentioned on the website and in the Greenpeace report "Cool Technologies: working without HFCs".
Using chillers connected to the water network helps to eliminate the economic costs of transporting bottled water and their enormous environmental impact on the entire planet.
Regarding plastic bottles, their transportation by land for distribution and their physical production requires large amounts of energy and resources (including a significant quantity of water!) and all this has such a negative impact on the ecosystem that it contributes to the climate changes taking place. In fact, single-use plastic is still today one of the main causes of environmental pollution, including the oceans.
Conversely, the water directly available from the mains is good, controlled and can be treated with filtrations to be consumed in complete safety at home, in the workplace, anywhere with the use of reusable bottles. And with the help of smart dispensers, designed for every situation of use.
Contributing to this possible change is part of our job, every day.
Present in the Greenpeace and UNEP reports
Cool technologies: working without HFCs
Greenpeace report which lists the virtuous companies that have distinguished themselves globally for the use of cooling technologies that do not involve the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), substances primarily responsible for contributing to global warming.
Blupura participated in the global Ozone Action campaign, promoted by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) to raise awareness of the problem of the degradation of the ozone layer in the earth's atmosphere and to promote concrete actions to preserve it.