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Environmental impact of Blupura dispensers

Ecological trends in the hospitality sector and best practices in Italy

Have you ever heard of “sustainable hospitality”? Attention to society and the environment in which we live has become a priority, influencing consumers and world leaders and their respective purchasing behaviors/business choices. With regard to the hospitality sector, this translates on the one hand into the growing demand for green structures, and on the other into necessary compliance, for sales purposes, of services with sustainable ethics. But where to start?

According to the best practices of the “green code,” several Italian companies certainly stand out for taking various measures to convert their businesses – such as hotels and restaurants – into eco-conscious facilities. It’s not just a question of switching to renewable energy: the change is much more more deeply rooted and concerns all aspects of a restaurant, from the construction materials to the choice of raw materials that will make up the menu.
Mission Impossible?

We at Blupura have also decided to take this path, adopting a green approach both in the management of company life and in the production of dispensers, specially designed to support third parties offering a change of services.

Here are some ecological trends applicable to the hospitality sector that we’re following!

Recycle and eliminate plastic
Each of our coolers is designed using as many recyclable materials as possible. Furthermore, by connecting directly to the water mains, they help eliminate the economic costs of bottled water (production, transport, disposal) and their enormous environmental impact on the planet (CO2 release into the atmosphere, use of non-biodegradable plastic containers).

Reduce emissions
As evidence of our consistency in respect for the environment, we take great pride in being the only manufacturer of water coolers present in the Greenpeace report “Cool technologies: working without HFCs”: We’ve distinguished ourselves throughout the world for using cooling technologies that don’t involve hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), substances often accused of contributing to “global warming”.

Reduce waste
Installing a water dispenser in a restaurant and/or club not only means saying goodbye to refrigerators for cooling bottled water, but also gaining space and saving on bills. Not to mention the various technologies implemented in the dispensers, such as Energy Saving and Portion Control, which guarantee a reduction in both energy consumption and water waste.

In short, alternative solutions to optimize your services from an ecological perspective are available and made entirely in Italy.
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