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Inox Bottle

Accessories and sanitization Accessories and sanitization
The thermal bottle to always carry with you. Inox Bottle is a thermal bottle made entirely of stainless steel with a double bottom. With a capacity of 500ml, it takes up little space and is convenient to take anywhere. Its exclusive design makes it unique on the market and is practical for drinking thanks to the narrower neck.
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

Inox Bottle

Material Dimensions H x ØA x ØB Capacity (ml) Weight (gr)
Bottle stainless steel 258 x 42.5 x 71 500 305
Cap stainless steel and plastic 40 x 60 x 60 10
Material stainless steel
Dimensions H x ØA x ØB 258 x 42.5 x 71
Capacity (ml) 500
Weight (gr) 305
Material stainless steel and plastic
Dimensions H x ØA x ØB 40 x 60 x 60
Weight (gr) 10

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